Are you ready to be pampered? A sensorial ASMR digital campaign.

Secrets Riviera Cancun is a romantic, all-adult resort located within a lively, socially sophisticated resort. A unique product that offers their guests free-flow access to both worlds. Arroba International was commissioned to create an integrated digital campaign to drive awareness and increase booking. 


Using captivating ASMR voice-over and SFX, powerful sound design, and intimate visual narrative, we produced a series of :30, :15 and :6 engaging video stories.

Social Sophistication 9 x 16 "15 Seconds"

Social Sophistication 1 x 1 "6 Seconds​"

Social Sophistication 16 x 9 "30 Seconds​"

Romantic Tranquility 9 x 16 "15 Seconds"

Social Sophistication 9 x 16 "6 Seconds"

All Preffered 9 x 16 "15 Seconds​"

Romantic Tranquility 16 x 9 "30 Seconds"

All Preffered 1 x 1 "6 Seconds"

Romantic Tranquility 9 x 16 "6 Seconds​"

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